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1)We need Scholarships for students in poor countries. It’s illegal in many of these countries to witness or do any kind of Ministry without a Degree.

2)Funds to pay for physical and digital Gospel Tracks, Bibles, Hosting, printing supplies, accreditation fees, meeting rooms etc.

We have two Big needs: a Hotel either western or Japanese stile that has a large enough room for Church Services and Bible Study Teaching. (Maybe one that has recently gone out of business due to Covid.) And preferably room for staff members to live there. This will help enable us to do Baptisms, Christian Counseling and weekly classes on different topics. We had the use of one of these before and we had daily visitors.

The other Big ask is a small Japanese size Camper to visit other Churches and Christians as well as doing outreach in outlining areas. And be able to visit Natural Disasters when they happen. We use to have a mirco bus for these events. (We helped in the Great Han-shin Earth Quake and ran the Tokyo Homeless project for over 10 years.)

We are tax deductible so you will receive credit for your Donation and at the same time a Huge blessing from the Lord.

According to State or Federal Government. A Church is automatically a tax exempt entity.

The tax laws of Japan appear to recognize the non tax status of a church or not for profit organization such as a Bible School Ministry.

Under Japan’s Corporation Tax Law, Articles 4 and 7, Public Interest Legal Persons (PILPs) (shadan houjin and

zaidan houjin), authorized by Article 34 of the Civil Code, are exempt from corporate income tax.

Joseph Scott Jr., Esq

We will keep you updated on the progress being made in our part of the World and the 3rd world countries we minister to. Please consider helping in any way you can. We need your help.

Please help with what you can. We would really appreciate it. Click here.

We will send you a  receipt for Taxes etc.

The Church must be purified in the fires of persecution.

Corrie Ten Boom wrote in the Logos magazine, that those who teach that the Church will escape the great tribulation are the false teachers that Jesus warned us to expect in the latter days. She said that most of these teachers had little knowledge of what is already taking place across the world, for in countries, which she had visited, the saints are already suffering terrible persecution.

Corrie states that the Christians in China were told: “Don’t worry, before the tribulation comes you will be translated, raptured.” Then there came a terrible persecution; millions of Christians were tortured to death.

Later Corrie heard a bishop from China sadly say, “We have failed, we should have made the people strong for persecution, rather than telling them, that Jesus would come first.” Turning to Corrie he said, “You still have time, tell the people how to be strong in times of persecution, how to stand when the tribulation comes; to stand and not faint.” Corrie states, “I feel I have a mandate, a divine mandate to go and tell the people of this world, that it is possible to be strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in training for the tribulation.” End of quote.

Oswald J. Smith said, “For a true child of God it is not a question of preference but of truth. Does God’s Word say so? Why then rebel?

Is not His plan best?

Besides what difference does it make so long as we are ready. Spiritual preparedness is the only important factor after all. I wonder if we have been lulling the Church into a false security. Can it be that we have been preaching an easy escape? Ought we to prepare the Church for the greatest of all ordeals?

Should not her teaching harden her for the fire of the great tribulation? What kind of soldiers are we training? I am afraid that we have been very guilty and that God will certainly hold us responsible for the type of Christian our preaching is producing.

We need men and women today of the martyr spirit. The test of the inquisition is coming again, and woe betide the pre-millenialists who are not ready. The Church must be purified in the fires of persecution. I have heard many people today make the following statement, ‘Surely a loving God would not let His Church go through the great tribulation?’ Well might I remind you of something, just who do we think we are, the Christians of the United States? My Christian brothers in China, Russia, and around the world have suffered much for the cause of Christ.” End of quote.

Until 1830, the Church almost unanimously taught that Christians would go through the great tribulation. Up to this time, the Christian leaders and scholars of Church history, from every shade of doctrinal opinion, believed and taught that Christians will be on earth during the period known as the great tribulation.

You have to ignore the teaching of the Church throughout Church history, and twist the Scriptures a great deal, to believe that Christians will not have to go through the great tribulation.

Many Christians have come to wrong conclusions about the second coming of Christ because their thoughts have been dominated by intuition, speculation, escapism, and the opinions of men. Many Christians decide what they will believe before they have properly studied the Scriptures; and read the Scriptures with a closed mind, and with a determination to make them fit their theories.

Persecuted Christians in other countries are not helped by the escapist prosperity Gospel theology that has corrupted affluent Western Christianity; such theology fails to be appropriate, helpful, realistic, or Scripturally true. This dangerous theological escapism destroys the faith of those who are called upon to suffer for the truth.

Those who “dig deep,” and come to their doctrinal conclusions by a diligent and unbiased study of God’s Word, and welcome and obey the truth they find, will have foundations that are built on solid rock, and which will stand secure in the vehement floods and storms of life. Lk.6v47-49.

Those who preach a pretribulation secret rapture of the Church and return of Christ, not only weaken themselves for the last days, they also put themselves amongst the false prophets of the last days. 2Pet.3v15-18. James.1v18-25.

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